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July 25th 2014 ⋅ Elliot Babchick ⋅ Comments

For all the discussion around the future of mobile software, with the exception of one insightful technologist, few seem to acknowledge an important reality: each phone’s apps are deeply tied to the person who uses them, and by ignoring this social signal, we lose a great opportunity to help people find software they want.
To be fair, it’s understandable to overlook this inefficiency. It’s not like the current system isn’t working. It does have its growing pains, however, and it’s finally time to augment it with a totally new experience.

If you’re a sports fanatic, why shouldn’t you be able to check out Nate’s “Sport Stats” app folder and the apps of other fellow sports fanatics? If you’re looking for a new task-management app, why not find those your most organized friends use? What if you’re just curious about the fitness apps Arnold uses? And when all of your friends are downloading a hot new app, why aren’t you notified automatically?

Today, we’re announcing Homer for iPhone. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to browse and keep up with the apps of people you care about. Homer allows you to share your apps and in return browse the apps of others: your contacts, people you follow on Twitter, and everyone else on Homer. Go download it now on the App Store and see for yourself. What you see in the app today is just the beginning; plenty more is on the way.

Everyone’s privacy is extremely important to us, so we’re taking extra care to get this right from the start. Nobody should fear publicizing the software they use, so everyone on Homer can control visibility of their apps and public profiles.
Our mission is to enhance discovery by connecting people to software. Help us help the world discover great apps by telling your friends about Homer.

The Homer Team

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