HVF Labs starts companies with the people that will operate them.

HARD /härd/. Harness an exceptional technology.
VALUABLE /ˈvaly(əw)əb(ə)l/. Solve significant problems.
FUN /fən/. Operate with passion to help build the world we want to live in.

Founders join us to play with, think deeply about, and work on hard problems. HVF creates companies, including Yelp, Affirm, and Glow.

HARD TECH THAT SOLVES HARD PROBLEMS. HVF focuses on technology and data advantages that can solve substantial problems. We found a company after a compelling technology becomes broadly accessible.

WORK TOGETHER, ON WHAT CAPTIVATES YOU. Our Entrepreneurs in Residence and core team work on proto-ideas of their choosing. Founding teams are forged by searching and working together. We draw from HVF's community of founders, friends, and Levchin portfolio companies.

FOCUS ON 1-2 PROJECTS AT A TIME. Your ideas get our complete attention. Expect strategic advice, deep product and technical contributions, with a team of involved co-founders.

WITH OUR FOUNDERS FOR THE LONG HAUL. We work alongside our Companies in Residence for 12-24 months. HVF remains deeply involved in the companies we start, and in our alumni.

HVF Labs (formerly MRLV) was started by Max Levchin (Paypal, Slide, Affirm) and is operated by Ben Jun (Cryptography Research, IDEO).